Membrell JOINThealth’s product source advertises that Membrell’s product contains NEM® – a revolutionary, all-natural ingredient made from eggshell membrane that offers the following benefits

    • NEM® brand eggshell membrane effectively supports joint comfort & flexibility,
    • Results can be noticed in as little as 7-10 days,
    • ONLY ONE small, easy to swallow capsule needs to be taken per day,
    • The product contains naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, collagen and chondroitin,
    • Vegetarian (non-shellfish, non-bovine product) – gluten, dairy and soy free,


Ingredients include the following:

  • Eggshell membrane – 500 mg,
  • Vegetarian capsule and magnesium stearate – no amount given.

Nothing is  included in this list of product  ingredients about the amounts of  hyaluronic acid, callagen and chondroitin  mentioned as ingredients in the product description.


1 capsule daily.


$28,99 for a 30 capsule container or $74.99 for a 90 capsule container. The product can be purchased on line or from local dealers. The product source contains a feature to use to locate a local dealer.


Nothing is said anywhere in the vendor product source about a product guarantee or return policy. The product source does not contain any contact number for customer service although it does contain a feature to use to send the vendor an email.


A prospective buyer should exercise caution in purchasing this product given the product cost and the lack of information in the customer source about customer reviews and experiences as well as product warranties and return policies.
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